What are the Steps to Resolve Dell Printer Spooler Errors?

The Print Spooler allows the user’s system interact with the printer and order the print jobs in the queue. If any error message is seen about “the print spooler like this tool is corrupted” or “is failing to connect with other software correctly” and “spooler subsystem app has stopped working”.


Dell Printer Helpline Australia would like to inform you that in all the cases regarding spooler issues, you will be assisted with the best possible ways. Follow the below-provided instructions depending on the OS you are using:


To Resolve Spooler Error for Windows 10 OS


a.  In the Search Box, type Troubleshooting.

b.  Click Troubleshooting to open.

c.  Under the Hardware & Sound, click Use a Printer.

d.  Hit the Advanced button.

e.  Click on Run as admin.

f.  Hit the Next button and follow the prompts.

If any issue is faced, you will have to uninstall or reinstall the latest drivers for your printer.


To Resolve Spooler Errors for Windows 8 (8.1)


a.  Tap and hold the Windows key and then hit the key on the keyboard.

b.  In the search box enter troubleshooting

c.  Select Troubleshooting.

d.  Under Hardware & Sound, Hit the Use a printer button.

e.  Click on Advanced.

f.  Hit the Run as administrator button.

g.  Click Next and follow the prompts.

If any problem persists, you will have to uninstall and then re-install the latest drivers for your printer.

For any further details and queries regarding any error in your machine, you can connect with our service providers. Just pick your phone and Call Dell Printer Support +61-283173391Our team of well-trained technicians and engineers will resolve all sort of technical errors within the shortest time possible. The specialists will resolve all your problems using the latest technology in a friendly manner.

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