How To Deal With A Bad Quality Print Of Lines, Spots Or Marks In Dell Printer?


One of the most things that madden a person is the unwanted marks and spots on the printing jobs. These marks can hold up in multiple forms like fainted lines, small spots and the smudge. To have assistance by your hand to solve the entire issues faced by the device, reach our support team at Dell printer Customer Support.

In case you are noticing non-deliberate marks on your prints, there are quite a few steps that a user holds that are prescribed as under.

• At first, check whether the marks are appearing on your jobs. In case it appears on the print or copy jobs, there could be an issue with your printing drum or the paper feeder, or a toner leakage issue into the interior of the printer adhering to print jobs. If they didn’t appear on the copy job and scan or digital prints, the problem is most likely with the copy reader or glass.

• In case you found the smudge or mark on your glass just above the copy reader, you must first clean it with a gentle glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Don’t use paper towels or regular cleaning cloth because this may scratch or mark the glass.

• If the mark is present on every page that is printed, it could be a problem in your paper drum, developer or the feeder. Here, clean the drum with a rug rubbed with an alcohol to remove the germs and dirt.

These were some of the hacks that assist you to procure a crisp and realistic print. An HD quality print with a spotless sheet is the goal to every printer. In your venture of using Dell printer, you might face multiple issues in every stage like how to deal with the error in paper jam, how to have correct aligned print or why the printer takes too long to print etc. Have a solution to all these issues by dialing our toll-free Dell Printer Support Number +61-283173391 where you will find all the solutions with ease. We are here to provide you with quick customer support, reach us before the problem worsens as we are available all seven days.

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