How Can We Use All-in-one Ink in Dell Printer?

You need colored printouts from your Dell printer but it’s not working or you don’t know that how to use all the inks for colored printout. So, here our Dell Tech Experts have provided a solution for this issue. They provide us instructions for windows vista, 7, 8 & 10.

Steps for Windows 10:

• In the search box enter “Devices and Printers”

• Select your “Printer” & open the “options menu”

• Click on “Print Preferences”

• From the left-hand-corner then choose “Print using all available ink”

• Click “OK” button

Steps for Windows 8:

• Open the “Control Panel”

• In the “view” choose “Category” from the drop-down list

• Go to “Hardware and Sound” >> Select “View Devices and printers”

• “Right-click on your printer” to open the “Options menu”

• Now select “Printer Preferences”

• Click “Print using all available ink” from the right-side corner at the left side

• In the end, click on “OK” button.

Steps for Windows 7:

• Click on “Start” >> “Devices and Printers”

• Right-click on your “printer” now

• Choose “Printer Preferences”

• Click “Print using all available ink” on the lower right-hand corner

• Select “OK” to save the preference.

Steps for Windows Vista:

• Click on “Start Menu”

• Select “Printers and Faxes”

• Right-click on your “printer’s name”

• Then choose “Printer Preferences”

• Now you have to check that the box beside “Print using all available ink” is ticked or not. If it is not then ticked it so that it will use all inks while printing

• Click “OK” button.

Now you can print colored printouts using all the inks. If you are having any other problem or any query related to this, contact our Dell Printer Customer Support Number +61-283173391 which is toll-free. There is nothing to worry as our executives are friendly and attend your queries very calmly to provide apposite solution.

Original Source: How Can We Use All-in-one Ink in Dell Printer?