How To Connect Wireless Dell Printer On Mac?

Connecting a printer wirelessly on the computer is the best way for printing documents. It is because it avoids the use of wires that sometimes become a problem as they can be damaged easily.

If you have Mac system and want to know how to connect your Dell machine with it then follow the given process:

Connecting a wireless printer on Mac

1. Check the network connections of your printer. Check the location of the computer as well as your Dell machine so that they are easily connected wirelessly.

2. Turn on your printing machine by pressing the Power button and make sure it’s switch is plugged into the working outlet.

3. Take out the manual take came with the printing machine for particular network setup instructions. If you have lost your manual guide, then no need to fret as you can find the instructions on Support site.

-Some Dell printer needs to be connected directly and some required the complete setup process.

4. Now prepare it for the connection.

Wi-Fi: Locate the Wi-Fi setup page on your printer’s display and enter the network’s password to connect.

Bluetooth: Select Pair to connect both the machines with each other via Bluetooth.

5. Now, open the Apple menu on the top-left corner of the screen.

6. Choose System Preferences from the drop-down list and then click Printer & Scanners option.

7. Select the plus symbol located in the bottom left-corner of the window. If it is already in connection, the screen will show the name of the printing machine.

8. Choose the name of the printer from the drop down list. Once it is finished, the name of the machine will show in the window.

If you have any other problem related to this matter or having any other trouble on your Dell printer then make a toll-free call on Dell Printer Support Number +61-283173391and discuss the problem with the customer executive who will help you after listening the whole dilemma and then will suggest you the best technique to come out of that trouble.

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